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  • Product name: DTF Series Axial Fan for Subway and Tunnel
  • Product number: ZL002

  Product description

  The Axial fan has adopted advanced CFD design technology(Computational Fluid Dynamics),
  In the aspect of airfoil theory, anti surge design, vibration and noise reduction, etc, has reached the leading level of domestic counterparts;
  This Axial fan operation for more than 60 minutes at 280 degrees Celsius continuous, and it has been qualified by National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Fire Fighting Equipment. It has passed the national CCCF certification;
  According to the required technical performance parameters, the changes of the rotate speed, the number of blades and the?blade?installation?angle, can?meet?the needs?of?different?operation conditions;
  This series fan is equipped with anti surge device, what makes the fan does not surge in the full performance area; It does not need to install the anti surge alarm device in the engineering installation.

  Scope of application
  The fan is widely used in major engineering of Metro,Tunnel,Power plant,Airport,and so on.