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Good news! Good news! My company was named Wuhan Rail Transit Line 6, a project of "advanced unit"


January 10, 2017 morning, Wuhan Metro Line, Wuhan Metro Line 6, a project commendation ceremony came the good news: Hubei Province Fan Factory Co., Ltd. was named Wuhan Metro Line 6, a Engineering Construction "advanced unit", my company as the only wind and hydropower project equipment award-winning unit.


Wuhan Metro Group Co., Ltd. organized a rail transit airport in Wuhan City, Wuhan Metro Line 6, a project construction commendation ceremony, Vice Mayor Zhang Guangqing Municipal People's Government, Deputy Secretary-General Peng Tao, deputy director of the Municipal Government Office Li Guoyao, Zhou Shaodong, Chairman of MTRC, attended the meeting and participated in the meeting of nearly 260 units involved in survey and design, construction, supervision, equipment procurement, installation and finance of the first phase of the construction of the rail transit airport line and line 6.
In October 2015, our company successfully won the first phase of Wuhan Metro Line 6, the main contract involved more than 1,200 sets of fans. After winning the project, the company immediately organized and set up a "project of ventilation and air-conditioning system fan of Phase I project of Wuhan Metro Line 6". In the follow-up process, it made active contact with Wuhan Subway Group and successfully organized the contract negotiation , Design contact, prototype testing, prototype testing, equipment factory inspection and other delivery of preparatory work. Subsequent promptly and Wuhan Metro Line 6 construction site to get in touch, punctuality, high-quality completed delivery of the relevant work. Throughout the implementation of the project, the main leadership of the company to participate throughout the company's full complement of technology, procurement, production, quality control, sales, after-sales and other departments to ensure the implementation of high-quality projects to ensure that the owners of units passed the smooth Acceptance work.
The meeting site, deputy general manager of Wuhan Metro Group Co., Ltd., Wang Hongrui, general manager of Wuhan Metro Group operating company to our company chairman Xiong Junjie awards. The award is a high recognition of the quality of our products and service quality by Wuhan Metro Group Construction Company and Wuhan Metro Operation Company, confirming our company's "customer first" business philosophy.